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Water Birth

Home Birth FAQs

Answering Your Questions

Who can have a home birth?

We serve women and families in a 45-60 min radius from the Amherst, NH area. This includes most of Southern New Hampshire, parts of Central NH as well as most of Northern Massachusetts and are licensed in both states. Women should be appropriately low risk, addressed on a case by case basis - and include those seeking VBAC (vaginal birth after caesarean section), and vaginal breech births. Not sure if you qualify? Call the Midwife to find out!

How do you deal with complications at birth?

A Midwife comes prepared to handle complications both though her education well as with her equipment. Did you know that a Midwife brings oxygen tanks, IV fluids, antihemorrhagic medications as well as a second skilled birth attendant and so much more to every birth? We are fully vested in keeping your whole family safe during this important time. Prearranged transfer plans to surrounding facilities help support a seamless transition in those rare cases where higher level support is needed for low risk mothers. Have specific questions you want answered? Call the Midwife!

What happens after the birth?

The beauty of home birth is being tucked into your own bed with your new baby to immediately begin bonding and recovery. No parade in and out of the room, no taking baby away to a nursery for procedures and no uncomfortable ride home. Just rest. Your midwife will stay with you until you and baby are medically stable and the first newborn feed has successfully taken place. We will make you a meal, do all the clean-up (including laundry!) and then we will be visit back to your home in 24-48 hours to check on you and baby in the comfort of your home as well as 2-3 additional postpartum support visits - or as many as needed to meet your unique needs. Midwife is available by phone 24/7 for any questions or concerns. Ready to feel supported? Call the Midwife!

I don't know that my space will work...What are my options?

Many home births take place in cozy spaces such as apartments, multi-family homes and even alternate settings, including local birthing centers. You do not need to own your home to have a home birth. Want to discuss your birth plans and talk about where you feel most comfortable giving birth? Call the Midwife! 

What about water birth?

Water is an amazing comfort to many women in labor. It can decrease pain sensations, increase mobility in active labor and supports tissue integrity. Rental tubs are portable, available and safe. Roughly 50% of the babies we've delivered come in the water and I'm happy to talk about this incredible option with you. Call the Midwife today for specifics! 

Do you take insurance?

We now bill direct to clients and assist with submitting claims to most major insurance companies including Blue Cross/Anthem, Cigna, United, Tufts, Harvard Pilgrim, Tricare and more. We are no longer able to accept Medicaid but do offer a sliding scale discount for those with a qualified financial need. Amount of coverage for midwifery care is subject to your individual plan conditions. We gladly work with share ministries as well and offer cash pay and early pre-pay discount. NEW IN 2023: We now offer interest free payment plans though Care Credit for qualified applicants. Want to know if we work with your insurance? Call the Midwife!

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